Needs to be seen

There are five Warner shorts featuring Inki, of which this one is the third. One has to be of a certain age to recall seeing the cartoon, because it is now (justly) considered to be racially insensitive. (I myself haven't seen it broadcast since the early 70's.) The decision to vault such cartoons is unfortunate, because they're quite entertaining, and are essential examples of cultural mores of the time. Even if one cannot find the entertainment merit in these cartoons, they still serve as examples of past attitudes, and to forget these is to take progress for granted.

Warner should release these, with whatever explanations and disclaimers deemed necessary.

The Little Lion Hunter (1939)
Inki and the Lion (1941)
Inki and the Minah Bird (1943)
Inki at the Circus (1947)
Caveman Inki (1950)

One of the reviewers of this cartoon short calls Inki a little girl. I always thought Inki was a boy.

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