One of my fave Bogarts

This pic is a winner;

Bogie has a chance to look good and snappy early in his resurgency.

For Bogart it has been a long road(more than 10yrs)and he came close before w\Petrified Forest,but,now,after High Sierra and the iconic Maltese Falcon,Bogie is set to hyper-drive to Casablanca !-but,first,he does this l'il breather w\an all-star cast and a serious topic of Nazi spies(with some comic relief)and this is immortality pulling at the seams,waiting in order to knock on his door(or to burst it wide open !).

Full steam ahead w\Lorre & Veidt in this little gem-and they will all soon regroup in one of filmdom's greatest enduring movies.


If you're a fan of old movies, watching this is like getting into a warm bath. The old Warner Brothers gang at the peak of their popularity. Each one doing what he or she did best!



This is a very nice "warm bath" to be sure :

-so much action

-amazing cast

-youngsters Gleason and Silvers !

-Damon Runyonesque

-Warner Bros craftmanship

-mix of humor + drama(perfect)

-Veidt,Lorre what more can one ask for...