I love this movie

Hi,one can never be too rich or have too many friends. One of the last lavish black and white musicals before the war. The gals are beautiful,the sets are baroque and over the top,and the acting good. I'm not much of a Jimmy Stewart fan so I didn't really get into his scenes too much but Lana was wonderful.. This film is one where Judy felt insecure about her looks which is strange considering she's cute as a button and her musical talent really tops the film.Jimmy had won an oscar the year before for Philadelphia Story so he was top-billed,only MGM would top bill him in a movie called Ziegfield Girl! I was expecting him to come down runway wearing sequins and feathers.


The scenes between Jimmy and Lana were kinda hot. Sure he got top billing but if you're a fan of Lana Turner, she had way more scenes than anyone else in the movie and she was fourth billed.

Love Jimmy Stewart, as for Lana Turner..I'm not her biggest fan but she was alright.

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That's the thing - Judy didn't want to be "cute as a button". She wanted to be classically beautiful.


Lilibetp says > That's the thing - Judy didn't want to be "cute as a button". She wanted to be classically beautiful.
Well, that's a tough break for her. Judy wasn't, in my opinion, a beauty; classic or otherwise. I didn't even think she was cute like a lot of other child stars of the day. The others typically had an adorable factor that made you want to coo and aww over them.

Judy had a funny face that always seemed older than her years. She played younger because of her petite stature. She had a funny face that also seemed to work as a kid but not so much as she got older. If she was that self-conscious and insecure about her looks she should never have co-starred with two real beauties like Hedy and Lana.

Of course, all of the Ziegfeld girls in the movie were, as they probably also were in real life, beautiful and shapely. With her skinny legs, tiny frame, and boyish figure, Judy looked so obviously out of place in that group; completely out of her element. We might assume she was selected for her singing ability but there were plenty of gorgeous women who could sing. My belief is she was thrown into this movie because she was popular at the time and the studio knew she could draw an audience. It was after all a musical; something they were used to seeing her do.

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Funny ! You have a good sense of humor. I didn't think Stewart fit this role somehow and I usually like him.


Agree, good sense of humor....was thinking the same about JStewart getting top billing in Ziegfeld Girl, and also agree this wasn't a good role for him.

I must admit I am "Jimmy Stewarted-out" though

John Payne might have worked better, although in this case the male lead might have simply sold the truck and joined the Follies himself as a singer, leaving his former fling in the 'chorus' .

I thought this movie was good....would watch it again.

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Stewart was horribly miscast as a Brooklyn truckdriver who becomes involved with gangsters. MGM should have borrowed John Garfield from Warners for the role. As Postman proved, he and Lana would have had terrific chemistry. Stewart and Lana were not a good match.


↑ I agree. I always thought Jimmy Stewart the last guy Lana Turner would have looked at; John Garfield would have, indeed, made a better choice.

All in all, however, I loved this movie. I have watched it so many times that I have counted at least three bloopers; does anybody know where I could post them?