The lip flubby

You know that thing people do when they mimic insanity, the thing that provides a running gag in this film? It involves running one's index finger up and down over one's lips to make a noise that sounds like "beedeebeedeebeedeebee." A friend has coined a term for this bit of business: the "lip flubby." We need a term for this thing, so please help spread it.



"Lip flubby". I like it.

You know, I was directing a show recently, and tried to get one of my actors to do this very thing. To my horror, he COULDN'T DO IT. Apparently it's something you're born with, not something that can be taught. :)

"He was married, one child. That didn't work out, so he married a full grown woman."


it's called strumming your lips.

Swing away, Merrill....Merrill, swing away...