this line...

"What was that?"
"The end of the world..."

omg! ;(

I mean, I know it's a comedy, but that line was heartbreaking!
I think partially BECAUSE it came in the middle of a comedy... It was just so poignant...and unexpectedly deep...and heartbreaking... Even knowing everything would be okay, it made me so sad while they had to be apart! There were actually a couple little scenes like that. I fully admit I get way to emotionally into movies that I probably shouldn't lol, but STILL. That LINE!
Good God, I'm glad they're back together... :)

Funny movie as a whole, though, so the line didn't spoil it or anything. :P

EDIT: I just want to mention that "other scenes" include the one where they're talking on the bench at the party about how terrible they both feel without each other. I was like, Oh my GOD you just need to fix everything and be back together already...
As I just wrote in another response, they were too adorable to break up for any length of time, or too seriously. :S

Awww, and they WERE so adorable...

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I thought exactly the same! Those two scenes, the one after the call from the taxi driver and the one on the bench...I found them very touching too :)


Yeah, it was a pretty heavy scene. I didn't expect this comedy to take that heavy turn, but I'm not complaining.