Great lines

I thought there were some fabulous lines in this film. (Loy especially got some great ones.)

For example:

"All I have to buy him are his under things…thank heaven." (that one sounded better in context. There was more to it but that's all I made note of).

Steve : "See, they all think I'm drunk. They don't think I'm crazy."
George: "It's about 50/50."

What are some other ones?


This movie is filled with great lines; some of them you've got to think about to get.

Susan to Isobel in the hallway: "What are you?....a holding company?"

Steve in drag to Ward: "GOOD!....Heavens......What a silly place to put a rug!"

Ward Willoughby!!

Stupid!?! I never called you stupid! To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people!


Policeman to Susan: "If that nut shows up and kills you, don't blame the police department."

Susan to Stephen, who is pretending to be crazy: "Stop that acting, you lunatic!"


Stephen to Susan: I couldn't weep a slink!