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Bob Osborne gets it wrong on TCM (I suppose one SPOILER)

I've written elsewhere about this, and I say it as a fan of TCM host Bob Osborne, but doesn't he watch the movies he's talking about beforehand?

Tonight TCM ran Murder in the Air as part of its Star of the Month (March 2009) salute to Ronald Reagan. In his intro Osborne stated that the reason this film was written was to utilize real footage of an actual dirigible crash in a movie. However, all the scenes involving the dirigible are plainly of a model made by the studio's special effects unit. There is no actual footage of a dirigible crash here at all. The only real film of an airship consists of one being pulled out of its hangar and then briefly in the sky.

I've heard Mr. Osborne make a number of errors in his descriptions over the years (and his pronunciation of many names, especially foreign ones, is generally abysmal), but not only is his statement about real crashing blimp footage inaccurate, it undermines his entire story about why the movie was made in the first place. Research, fellas, research!!

And by the way, why didn't somebody shoot Eddie Foy, Jr.? One of the most obnoxious (and unnecessary) characters in any film.