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Disappointing Novel

After having watched "Escape" a few years ago, I decided to read the novel by Ethel Vance.
It was so disappointing!
I congratulate the movie director for the good film that he was able to create nevertheless from a novel which has a very poor writing style.
It must have been published as a novelty way back then, due to the topic, certainly not for the primitive writing style which the publishing house should have smoothed over.

The "town" mentioned in the novel is Munich as it's the only city in Germany that has a park called English Garten.

From what I could research on the Internet: Ethel Vance's daughter lived in Nazi Germany and told her mother about concentration camps. That's how Vance was inspired to write this book.

While reading the novel, I was wondering if it was possibly written by an immigrant from Germany who had not really mastered the English language yet?

"Mortal Storm" was a much better reading experience even though the ending is very different than it is in the movie.


Thanks for your informative post. Maybe Vance's daughter did most of the writing, and her mother back in America was the 'front' who got it (safely) published.


Thank you for your comment. Yes, what you say would make a lot of sense! I wish there was more on the Internet on Ethel Vance and how she happened to write "Escape".
Don't get me wrong, the story is definitely unique and very good (and created a good movie), but the writing style is very poor.


I found a bit about Ethel Vance's daughter: