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East side filming locations?

Nearly all of "Arizona" was filmed on location in and around the Old Tucson set west of Gates Pass. However, the opening shot (title + credits) is of the Santa Catalina Mts., from somewhere on the far southeast side of Tucson. These days there would be houses everywhere in the shot, but in the late '30s it was still basically undeveloped. Can anyone identify roughly where the camera would have been located to take this? Somewhere on the edge of what's now Saguaro NP eastern district?

Likewise, Phoebe's house is on the east side, as in the distance you can clearly see Rattlesnake Peak to the north, Saddleback and the Sabino Canyon drainage to the right. Maybe shot from the old Southern Arizona School for Boys (nowadays Fenster School)? or a bit east of there?

(sigh. wish I had a time machine and could spend a while back there in those days, before the roads, houses, and condos spread everywhere.)


I too wish to go back to Tucson and Phoenix as early in 1935 and 1950 now
well,never is still God's country.