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Sniff, sniff; where is Prescott in all of this????

First the disclaimers:

1) I fully realize that this is NOT a documentary, but rather a romantic adventure drama based on real events.

2) I am a fairly intelligent person and not a "troll".

3) I am prejudiced, as I live in Prescott Valley, adjacent to the city of Prescott, Arizona.

There, got the disclaimers out of the way. If the producers make a two-hour movie (unusual for 1940s) AND they go to great lengths to get the sets, costumes and weapons correct for the period, not to mention the script then you'd think they'd mention Prescott at least once in the debate over whether Tucson sways north or south.

The reason: President Lincoln sent Federal troops to Prescott to protect the newly-discovered gold fields FOR THE NORTH, as Tucson was already in the Confederate Camp. For that reason, Prescott was made the Territorial Capitol.

There, all done ranting. Aside from this nitpicking, a thoroughly enjoyable movie that I'm happy to add to my video library!


Thanks for the post. Arizona history from that time is not well known. At best, a small percentage of people know Arizona joined the Confederacy. I like they mentioned my home state of Missouri--1860 would have been a good time to leave the state for about 10 years. Some consider the Civil War started in the battles between Kansas and Missouri in the 1850s.

Nobody gets to be a cowboy forever.


Speaking of personal connections, I just saw this movie. When Phoebe said she was from Freeport, IL, I went "Wow, cool, that's where I grew up". But then in the next line Peter says he's from St. Louis, MO., I almost fell out of my seat. That's where I was born and lived before moving to Freeport.

It's like the movie was made for me.


Movies do many things to us, they entertain us, they stimulate our minds and touch our hearts, but it's especially meaningful when they mention or feature people/places or events that we can identify with!

Thanks for sharing.