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Did the Scarecrow always have the pistol?

How many of you that have seen The Wizard of Oz multiple times and know the film very well remember this scene with the pistol?


I do NOT remember this scene.

In my REALITY (Yes, I said REALITY) the version of this film the Scarecrow did NOT have a silver Revolver.
He was holding the OIL CAN.
Also the Lion did NOT have a Butterfly Net & Bug Spray.
The Tin Man did NOT have a HUGE Silver Pipe Wrench.

It is just too weird...
This is what is being called: The Mandala Effect or The Quantum Effect.
The theory is that CERN or D-Wave Quantum Computers or BOTH have cause this rip/change/merged timeline.

I URGE people to check this out.
Even if you do not believe me that is fine.
HOWEVER, I am pretty darn certain you will find at least ONE thing that has change in your Reality that you KNOW was different before.

What finalized this for me is the fact that the King James Version of the Bible has been changed.
I mean EVERY Bible on the PLANET! Physically, Magically, Quantum Entanglement-ly, WHATEVER! They have changed just like this film and other films.

I am NOT talking about ANY Revised or Modern KJV. I am talking about the version that goes back to 1611. (the hard to read version...LOL)
My own Bible that I have had since the mid 1970's has changed...It is a 1611 Version.

Yes, you can go online and find websites that quote scripture...Please do.
However, they too have been changed...Words added...scripture added that was NEVER there before.

Think about that for one moment...
The BEDROCK of Belief of millions if not billions of people on this planet now cannot RELY on their scripture...


I do remember it. I remember my mom pointing it out.


I have never noticed him having a pistol


Yeah, it is just strange. Here is a video of all of them with weapons. The tin man has a giant 16 inch wrench also.


Yeah, that is what I was alluding to. The other Mandela Effects I've experienced were Chuck E Cheese's, Interview with the/A Vampire, Canon logo changing, Reba McEntire, The Elephant Man ending changing, The Wizard of Oz weapons.



I think it's much more than that. We had a guy who had worked for Chuck E Cheese for over 10 years speak about this on reddit. He worked his way up the company and got to the point where Chuck E Cheese wanted him to get a degree in so he could advance in the company.

He vehemently believes that Chuck E Cheese's is not that company that he worked for for over 10 years of his life. It was Chuck E Cheese.

I saw The Elephant Man 3 times in 6 years. I vividly remember the ending. It's now completely changed. Everyone that remembers the original endimg comes up with the same exact ending. If it was misremembering we would come up with different endings.

I am big into the paranormal. So when watching Interview with "the" Vampire, I certainly would have thought to myself that Interview with A Vampire sounds much better. "The Vampire" makes it sound like he's the only Vampire.

The Canon logo changing is obvious. I have looked at that logo on amazon hundreds of times over the years. There are professional photographer that uses Canon camera for years and doesnt remember this new logo with a fang on the C and sharp as and n's.


I believe you...
For instance I owned Cannon Cameras for years.
Even before they went digital.

Say here is a YouTube by a guy named Scarabperformance.
He goes to the United States Patent Office and looks up a few things that we REMEMBER.
The US Patent Office I would suspect would not have many 'errors'.
In order to SECURE a Patent you would have to have a team of lawyers go over all the wording with a Fine Tooth Comb...Correct?
Especially corporations like Coca~Cola for example with their PATENT on the labeling of Bottles of Coke Zero.
Now history states it has always been Coca-Cola Zero and NOT Coke Zero.
However, in the US PATENT OFFICE it is COKE ZERO.
Glitch in the Matrix? LOL
I REMEMBER Coke Zero very well. This changed last summer. Very new ME!

For many more then view these videos...

First Video Patent Office:
(If you want to skip Scarab's chatting then go to 7:55 on the video but, he is a funny guy and I enjoy listening to him speak.
Even with his DEEP voice. LOL)

Second Video Patent Office:

Bonus ME Video:

This last one is for laughs. (Purple Squirrels?!? WTH)
We cannot say it is a 100% ME but, it is funny and Scarab's Laughter is contagious...

SIDE NOTE: Did you know that The Flintstones WAS a Mandela Effect? (ME)
It went from The Flintstones to the Flinstones (No T in Flint) BACK to The Flintstones. (With the T in Flint)
When it was Flinstones with out the T the Wiki Page and everything else said Flinstones (no T)
And many people were ADAMANT about it being The Flinstones with out the T.
And NOW it Flipped Back to The Flintstones as I always knew it was...
There is residual proof of this out there now...


"So when watching Interview with "the" Vampire, I certainly would have thought to myself that Interview with A Vampire sounds much better. "The Vampire" makes it sound like he's the only Vampire."

I was about to reply "No, it was always Interview with A Vampire," thinking you thought it was Interview with the Vampire.

You are correct. I remember very well it was A Vampire, and yes, that is a much better and more striking title, for the reason you posted.

So you can imagine my surprise when I Googled and found everywhere the title of both book and film as The Vampire. I thought the explanation was the title was changed for the film, which I paid little attention to. But no, Wikipedia and others have it as The Vampire, including a shot of the first edition cover.

This is, admittedly, bizarre. In this video, it's got David Letterman, Anne Rice the author herself, Kirsten Dunst, several announcers at the Academy Awards, both Siskel and Ebert, and many others of the period very clearly calling it Interview with A Vampire.

In the comments:

"DJay Jarvis
1 year ago (edited)
I used to work at AGI Media.... we used to print DVD covers and Blue Ray box sets...and i have helped and printed them myself. Interview with A Vampire... and the A in the title was a special RED and looked a bit like a fang with a drip of blood coming off it.... ive probably printed about 2,000,000 of them over nearly ten years .. it comes out every Halloween. and i remember making sure the red in the " A " was the right color. i know what i remember....But it seems to have gone ...i cant find a copy on the web ..Anywhere"

I'm not big on conspiracy theories and the like, have never before now heard of the Mandela Effect and am still skeptical, but I admit this title change is bizarre.


You're daft, creepina. The scarecrow did NOT have pistol. What have you been smoking?

Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar and doesn't.


Have you watched The Wizard of Oz lately? The scarecrow definitely now has a good, yet you're calling me silly for bring it up? Take a look for yourself.

Proof and it's not a deleted scene.


There was no gun in this film until recently when the Mandela Effect has changed it. And Tin Man now has a pipe wrench, Lion has a net and pesticide sprayer. The bastards responsible for this reality shift need to be discovered and brought to justice.


It was always there. Nothing changed. The Scarecrow always had a pistol in that scene.


While I don't remember him having a gun, what I think is happening is he only had it in that one brief scene. Likewise the Tin Man with the pipe wrench, which I don't remember either. Because it was only for that one brief scene, most of us don't remember the gun and wrench, while we do remember the woodman's hatchet and oil can.


I believe that one brief scene is usually edited out when the movie is broadcast on TV to make room for commercials. That is probably why so many people don't recognize it.


Yep. I remember watching it as a kid, and seeing it in his hand. So funny cause it's obviously a toy revolver.