Hey! Where is everybody??

Well, the series is out on DVD - I hope that people will be watching them and getting near as much enjoyment from this series as I have.

This installment, in particular, was very gratifying. I might go as far to say that it's the best yet. The plot is, of course, a little simplistic and very far-fetched but that's not really why one would want to see a Torchy Blane flick.

What's great about this one is that Barton MacClane gets to show a few more colors than he usually does. In the earlier episodes, MacClane's character, the detective Lt. Steve McBride, comes across as one-dimensional. Always cranky and impatient with Torchy even though it seems that she is the one who solves all his cases.

In this one, Torchy is in real peril and is about to killed by a criminal doctor, by a lethal injection, when Steve busts in and saves the day. This is the only time I can remember where there was really an emotional moment between Torchy and McBride and it was a most effective one! The Torchy Blane films are more about the characters than anything else and this episode finds Torchy and McBride in a very tender moment together such as we have not seen in any of the earlier episodes. This would be the last of the series to star the wonderful Glenda Farrell and Barton MacClane, there would be one more episode, but with Jane Wyman and Allen Jenkins. They must have known that this would be the last installment for Glenda Farrell and Barton MacClane as there are a number of over-the-top moments, the likes of which, not seen in the other installments.

Anyway, this series is a regular franchise but this installment has some intersting camera work and direction that was not in evidence in the other installments.

All nine of the films are out in a set - get 'em, rent 'em, whatever, and enjoy the ride. They're all enjoyable, full of wisecracks you'll want to use yourself, not to mention a few good stories and a lot of memorable characters.


I like all seven, but "Smart Blonde", "Torchy Runs For Mayor", "Torchy Blane in Chinatown", and "Torchy Gets Her Man" are the biggest standouts for me.

Courage, men! We've not sunk before, and we'll not sink now!



This one is on later today on TMC -- and I'm looking forward to it!