Classic cartoon comedy

I think, hands down, this has got my vote for favorite Goofy cartoon (although, granted, the main star for the first two-thirds of the story is Wilbur the grasshopper). The plot involves Goofy out for a day of fishing at the lake using his best friend Wilbur as bait. Their strategy involves Wilbur going out over the water looking for fish to lure them to follow him hungrily back to the boat, where Goofy waits with a small net on a pole extended out over the side of the boat. When Wilbur leaps into the net, of course, he is so small he fits neatly through; the fish, however, jump after him and are caught.

The best part to me is when one fish spots Wilbur coming towards him unknowingly and the fish pretends to be asleep - every now and then peeping out of one eye - to wait for the right moment (when Wilbur's back is turned) to chow down on the unsuspecting grasshopper. Meanwhile, Wilbur discovers the fish and thinks he really is asleep, and attempts to "wake him up" to lure him back to Goofy. Needless to say, both characters have their own agenda going on and it's really funny how it all plays out. One of Wilbur's "attempts" to wake up the fish involve him doing this cute and hilarious little Egyptian dance during which he smacks the fish twice with his BUTT! Long before the Bangles ever recorded "Walk Like An Egyptian", Wilbur the grasshopper showed us how!!


I love this cartoon! I remember watching it when I was about 6,7 years old. The part where Wilbur alomost dies made me cry out loud!
I really want to have this cartoon, so maybe someone knows where to download it?