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As an avid Cary Grant fan this is pretty bad

Not a terrible movie but really nothing above mediocre either. I know they can't all be as great as The Awful Truth or Bringing Up Baby but this by any standard doesn't do very well for a supposed "screwball" comedy. There are certainly some entertaining and amusing moments but nothing that made me laugh or do anything more than slightly chuckle. Pacing is uneven, a poor job of balancing comedy and romance. As I've seen some other people say here, the last half hour or so almost entirely abandons humor for the romance. I enjoy a lot of Grant's more serious work so it's not that I don't enjoy him in a more sincere role but the tone is uneven and jarring. Also like a lot of people have said, none of the characters are particularly likable which is quite surprising for someone like Cary Grant, the most easily likable actor to grace the screen.

I gave it a 5/10. Nothing about this movie was memorable or will stay with me like most other Grant comedies. The scenes with the judge are the only ones that really stood out as at all memorable.


My favorite Grant/Dunn movie BY FAR is THE AWFUL TRUTH.