Hollywood version

I read there's a Hollywood remake based on this film and it won Oscars. Does anyone know the name?



The Hollywood remake was called "The Farmer's Daughter." It starred Loretta Young in the title role, and was very popular. (In fact, there was even an American TV series that was a spinoff from this movie, and starred the Swedish-born actress Inger Stevens.) I believe it was made in about 1947, but to make sure, you can look up the English title on the American IMDb.

They changed Hulda from being a Finn to a Swedish-American--I assume because most people had no idea of what a "typical" Finnish woman might look and sound like, whereas we already had stereotypes about Swedes and Swedish-Americans.

I'm ashamed to say it, but although I lived in Finland for about two years, I can't understand what "Juurakon" means. Does it have something to do with "law-maker," such as a member of Parliament might be?

Kiitoksia paljon!