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1937 Heidi VS 1993 Heidi

I like the 1937 version better . The acting is better, the characters are more
Interesting and it moves along. The 1993 version was a 2 part miniseries , which IMO wasn't necessary.
the acting was wooden and the relationship between Heidi and her Grandfather was much more mean spirited,
The grandfather was a very one note character , who's emotions consisted of growling, scowling and walking away when he was upset rather than showing any compassion.

So, a thought crossed your mind? Must have been a long and lonely journey


you should read the book. the 93 version is a bit more true to it in many ways. any adaptation that the curly haired moppet in is an incorrect interpretation of the book. in a little princess she turned it into some cheerful song and dance routine and played the main character completely different to the book and although she was better in this role, it wasn't true to the book as much