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Aunt Dete kicked azz!

Am I the only one who loved Aunt Dete? she throws her niece off on a man who could be an insane maniac, then she kidnaps her and basically sells her to a family as a playmate, takes the money and is never heard from again!

Aunt Dete rocked! I loved how she kept the introduction between Heidi and Grandfather short and sweet

"The child's name is Heidi!" throws Heidi's bag of belongings to him, then she runs off! LOL, I'd like to think that Aunt Dete meets an Italian playboy who steals all her money and leaves her bitter drunken penniless Hag!

Wow, what a DAME!


She had a very "Marlene Dietrich" demeanor in this movie. She sounded and looked like her, anyways.

Unfortunately, there are too many Aunt Detes and Frau Rottenmeirs in this world, and so few Heidis.

I can agree that she is quite a character.


I hated her and Fraulein Rottenmeier. Both bitches although Rottenmeiers worse. Mary Nash played the role very well, she's so believeable as the old witch. Like in The Little Princess.



She isn't quite as bad in the book. She and her mother had taken Heidi in after the parents died, then Dete's mother died and she had to get a job. She brought Heidi to the grandfather because there was no one else to look after her. She was ill-tempered and brash, but not as evil as she's portrayed in the movie. When she came for Heidi to take her to the Sesemanns', the grandfather was home. He allowed Heidi to go after realizing that she would have advantages at the Sesemanns', such as a good education and living with cultured people. However, Heidi's homesickness made her sleepwalk, so in the end Herr Sesemann had her sent home.


When I was a little kid I thought she was awful and I was afraid of her. NOw that I am much older than the woman who played her, I find her intriguing. I always wonder how women can be cold-hearted and self-serving and not really care or lose sleep over how others see them.


men are brought up to be like that much more. why are women singled out and judged for the same behaviour?