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Nowhere Near as Good as Broadway Melody of 1936!

More charming than elegant and exciting. Likeable characters, but a juvenile Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland/let's put on a show/must win a horse race storyline.

And Ellie is not presented as well: very good, but no really memorable fantastic dance routines. And she's too masculine in a black tux in the finale -don't even get to see her amazing legs!

Judy pretty much steals the show. But singing "Dear Mr. Gable"? Doesn't fit.

And then there is the same unbelievably boring, unfunny geeky guy fr BMof36. He's back - this time demonstrating sneezes instead of snoring. Skip these!


Haven't seen '36 (yet), BUT it's a different style. So what? Variety is the spice of life. I haven't seen the Snores, but I thought the Sneezes were charming; it's from Vaudeville and humour was different then; I much prefer that to the potty humour that is ever-present in any non-Disney children's movie or the coarseness that often passes for humour today.


But you haven't seen Broadway Melody of 1936.

I ask that you seek it out and watch. I wager you won't disagree with my original premise after your viewing.