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Something they might have shown you in school

But they didnt. I remember seeing Muni in THE GOOD EARTH back in the eight grade, but dont recall this. Saw this the other night, and it wasnt bad. I never once felt any of this took place in France, though it did. Maybe it needed some deeper French accents or something. Just a bio-pic that doesnt really show you much more than you may have read in some wiki somewhere. But I still enjoy this sort of thing on occasion. Back when I was a kid, you heard about Louis Pasteur, (a name you could remember because of pasteurized milk), but Im sure if you asked kids today who he was, it would draw a blank. Speaking of bio-pics, perhaps of a more modern era, wheres the Bill Gates story?

"Pffft, my suspension of disbelief has higher standards than that"


I don't ever remember seeing it in school...They really should have shown it though

God you can have Megan Fox...Give us back Vivien Leigh