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Spanky writes a phony doctor's note to get of school to go to the circus

It is the end of the day and the gang comes out of the schoolhouse when a musical circus truck rides by with clowns jumping around, the circus is the next school day for that day only. Spanky writes a phony absence note that all four are very sick with colds, he has Buckwheat and Porky place it on the teacher's desk, Miss Jones leaving the school, see's Spanky and Alfafa sneezing while they are only faking it, she is concerned and being pretty and nice, tells them that the whole class is going to the circus tomorrow,and she hopes that they get well so they can come along as well. Miss Jones goes home and the kids surprised but remembers the note on the desk, runs up to the school, but the door is locked. Spanky and Alfafa go over to the corner of the school basement and knocks, Sam the janitor who also lives in the basement opens the window. Spanky asks him to unlock the door but Sam wouldn't do it since the school is official locked for the night. Spanky has another idea, they have to return back later in the evening and get note back while Sam is asleep.

The gang is back at the school and the night is filled with thunder, lightening and scary noises all around. Buckwheat is made lookout to stand outside, he steps on a noisemaker, see's an owl thinking it's a spook and runs back inside the school while the rain is coming down hard. Spanky doesn't in spooks but when they see a spook coming towards them, it's only Porky under a bedsheet. The gang continue to look for the note in the dark since the storm knocked out the lights, Porky still wants to scare his friends and goes inside the Janitor Supply room and breaks lightbulbs. Sam wakes up in the basement, goes upstairs and opens the door and the gang thought it was Porky standing there. But instead Porky was with them and starts to hide from Sam. Three under Miss Jones desk and Buckwheat in the same room where the lightbulbs was behind a curtain. Sam comes out of the basement, stands in the classroom wearing a nightshirt and nightcap. Buckwheat comes out of the curtain and a skeleton is clinging to his back, and he thinks it's Porky but Buckwheat started to screaming and runs past Sam whose nightcap stands up end and went through the door of the schoolhouse, the gang who was able to find the note, earlier they went through the window, but this time went through the cutout doorway that Sam made. They run away while Sam is lying on the rug with the skeleton next to him, he continues screaming and runs away in the raging storm.

The next morning the gang is in bed this time for real sick with colds, taking nasty medicine given by their mother's, the gang can't go to school and the circus. All that time the night before finding the note and managing to make it home. But the storm of course got them sick and it's look they might maybe learn a good lesson on this one.

I also wonder what happened when Sam left running away from the schoolhouse in the storm, he couldn't possibly have stood out there all night. Sam must have a girlfriend to spend the night, or a brother or sister who has their own family, while Sam is a bachelor. Miss Jones must have been plenty surprised coming back to the school and seeing the door, the skeleton and the cutout. She must of been looking for Sam in the basement, but of course he's not there. Sam does come back to explain what happened last night, the door and the skeleton, telling her it sure was spooky last night, sneezing and coughing at the same time since he too must have gotten sick and caught a bad cold. Miss Jones must have gotten surprised at seeing Sam in his wet nightshirt and nightcap, bedroom slippers filled with left over water, not being dressed for work. The skeleton I guess we'll never know how it got to be in the schoolhouse, maybe it was from a previous teacher who held a Halloween party for the class, or Miss Jones must have known about it? Or she must have been just as surprised as well. She had her work for the morning since she must prepare to surprise her class for the circus, but she had to call a carpenter to replace the door and the electrician to fix the lights too. I'm sure the children when they arrived at the schoolhouse and went inside and saw the cutout opening of the door, wondered what is that type of strange shape. It was a night of spooks, skeletons and a thunderstorm that will never be forgotten by the gang and Sam.


This is my all time favorite Our Gang comedy short.