John Carradine was deliciously creepy in his role! He actually gave me goosebumps a few times. Man, was he a stick figure or what!?!

nice socks, man.....


You really notice how skinny he is in the yellow fever scene, you can see his ribs pretty clearly! I also like him in another Ford movie, Drums Along the Mohawk, as another very creepy villain.

"Congratulations, Major. It appears that at last you have found yourself a real war." Ben Tyreen


yes Carradine rules.

He is also very, very creepy and nasty in the movie called Hitler's Henchmen aka Hitlers Madmen.

I have it taped off of TCM.

TCM plays it time to time.
It is a really good movie about the true story of a small town that the Nazi SS completely destroy and kill every person in the town.

The Truth is out there.


"The Prisoner of Shark Island" was the film that enabled John Carradine to move up from the ranks of the unbilled bit players.Originally,he auditioned for the role of Abraham Lincoln(a very small part essayed by Frank McGlynn Sr.),but director John Ford gave him the larger role of Sergeant Rankin,a real showcase for the heretofore underused and unheralded character actor.Ford really gives Carradine a standout introduction,as he shows off his moat and his "pets" to Doctor Mudd and the other new arrivals.He gives the audience a truly villainous character to despise,but in the end provides the first signature that enables the doctor to leave the Dry Tortugas.Incidentally,Carradine did a superb Lincoln opposite James Stewart in 1938's "Of Human Hearts," wearing a wonderful Jack Dawn makeup that rendered him almost unrecognizable.Truly a fine actor that graced every movie he made,and totally undeserving of the jeers that some undignified pundits have launched due to his many bills-paying roles in horror films over the course of his 58 years in cinema.