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William Powell - Lucky guy!

Was watching the opening credits, and it struck me as I watched Powell arm-in-arm with Harlow and Loy - He had a real-life situation like in Wife vs. Secretary, only in reverse: Harlow was his real-life love interest, and Loy (with whom he starred in so many great films) was his work wife...unfortunately, that ended when Jean died so young, but up until her death, has a Hollywood actor ever had it so good?

"I shall wear this (bruise) as a badge of honor"

"Wear it in silence, or I'll honor you again"


Don't forget he was married to Carole Lombard prior to that!

And before that he dated Barbara Stanwyck and Ginger Rogers.

Yes... a very lucky guy!


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From a female perspective.....I think THEY were the lucky ones.

I read some where that William Powell had a relationship with Norma Shearer, and pursued her pretty hard; asking her to marry him. I can't remember if this was before or after Irving Thalberg. He gifted her with the most beautiful antique curio cabinet stocked full with every beautiful and expensive, haute couture perfume that would be any girls dream to own. The cabinet and its contents were absolutely breath taking. If you watch Queen Bee with Joan Crawford; in one scene in her bedroom you will see a similar representation of that cabinet with the perfumes....gorgeous!

There are several pictures of the BIGGEST, bluest and most exquisite Star of Sapphire ring that he gifted Jean Harlow, the year before she died. It supposedly substituted a conventional engagement ring. The article said that she was never without it. It was GIGANTIC and beautiful!

Now...that's my kind of man! He was generous to the women in his life, and gifting them was a genuine act of his deep affection for them. Plus...his gifts were very unique and creative, just the kind women salivate over!

"Ooo....I'M GON' TELL MAMA!"