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Another Wonferful Powell/Loy Film

Out side of the first couple of Thin Man movies, this is one of the better Powell/Loy vehicles. The comedic timing of the two, plus Tracy and Harlow really give the movie zip that is seldom seen in comedy films nowadays.

Tracy is a newspaper editor, Haggerty, whose paper has libeled a high society daughter, Loy's Connie. Harlow is Haggerty's long suffering girlfriend, Gladys, who wants to get married. Powell is slick Don Juan-type, Bill, that Haggerty hires to romance Connie and get her to drop the lawsuit. Of course, Bill falls in love with Connie, which upsets Haggerty so Bill has to romance Gladys to make Bill jealous and make him focus on her.

There is a hilarious fishing seuquence in which Bill has to prove to Connie's father that he is an expert fly fisherman. Powell's comedic chops are in full display as he fumbles his way through the process and actually convinces Connie and her father he knows what he's doing.

The trivia section says the four main actors all became best friends and it shows on film. They look like they are having a great time. The ending was a bit too TV sitcom-y for my test, but it was worth it.

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This is a very nice movie and it is hard to beat Powell and Loy. One of my favorites Powell/Loy films is "I Love You Again." Coo...Coo