Had to laugh at this

Had to laugh at one "Benevolent Association" listed under Frank Gordon Enterprises on the office door. In addition to Florists, Laundry and Restuarants was "Artichoke Dealers". I wonder how many caught that. Why not all produce? I dont' think there'd be that much money in just artichoke distributors in NYC in the 1930's. 


I didn't miss it but I didn't think much of it either. I understood it to mean that no business was immune from the 'protection' that association offered; even, as you point out, one that was probably not very lucrative.

They didn't care who they were shaking down as long as they were collecting. The business owners may not be able to feed their own families but they knew they had come up with the cash to pay up for those benevolent services. If they did not, either their business and/or they, themselves, might cease to exist.

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