His brother's wife

Does anybody like me know anybody who has had sex with his brothers wife? Our mate has and its not as even like he weas single at the time either!!


I don't know anyone who has done that but I know it happens. I have to assume anyone who does that values a momentary thrill over the relationships that could be adversely affected.

The title of the movie is His brother's wife but it's a little misleading. I feel Tom is the one who crossed the line, not Chris. Even if he truly believed his brother's interest in Rita was superficial and fleeting, he should never have taken up with her; especially since he was the cause of their break-up.

Tom's marriage to Rita was a sham; she did it to get back at him and Chris. Since the marriage was never consummated, Rita was his wife in name only. It's not clear why he needed to get a divorce and not an annulment. In any case, Chris kept his hands off her while she was still officially married to his brother.

Woman, man! That's the way it should be Tarzan. [Tarzan and his mate]