I enjoyed the film...

From this board, it seems most people panned this movie...I however, did enjoy it.

True, the story was a bit flimsy, but Joan was ravishing in it. Her costumes, wigs, etc. were all top-rate. And a plethora of gorgeous male co-stars certainly contributed, too.

From biographies I've read, Joan didn't really care for this picture and decided never again to take on a 'period' picture. But, I think she was fine as a period heroine with her 'posh' speak. I think the biggest flaw in the picture was the title.

Joan's character wasn't what I would consider a 'hussy' but, perhaps back in that time period, people may have thought so.

'There’s a name for you ladies, but it’s not used - Outside a kennel! (Crystal Allen in The Women)'


Getting through this 103 minute film was truly an exercise in patience, unfortunately it never paid off. It failed on the 'historically interesting' part and it lacked any interesting drama.


I saw the film recently and enjoyed it. Makes me want to find out more about the history of our country at that time. Great cast!