Pretty racy for its time

Andrew Jackson and his wife sleep in the same bed, which was generally considered a no-no at the time. The biggest break with the code, however, was having all the boys and girls sleep in the same room when their hayride is interrupted by a rainstorm. Robert Taylor moves the boys' bed around so that it's positioned right next to the girls' bed (no mean feat so the bed must have been on a pivot, which would not have been standard equipment for a roadside inn in 1823) and he gets to sleep right next to the one he loves, Joan. The lady innkeeper sews up the bedspread on the boys' side to prevent any naughty business, but that doesn't stop Taylor from giving Crawford two nocturnal kisses on the lips while they're both lying down next to each other. Pretty suggestive, if you ask me. I wonder how the exchange of memos between MGM and the censors went.