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Marlene Dietrich....Ever Looked More Beautiful????

Maybe I'm just not used to seeing her in color but I never though Marlene Dietrich looked as beautiful as in this movie....

I didn't get to see all of it but am surprised at the 6.0 rating....I thought it was better than that.

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Me, too! I'd never seen her so beautiful. And what a great cast...who needs a story?


I have to admit I think she was at her peak as far as looks go. Her popularity soared more during the war I think but she was stunning in this.

And the You are right. Who needs a story. Just film it good and let them do their thing. And I have to like any movie that has C Aubrey Smith in it.

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she looked great in this

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hallo xylonian-1! quite a jolly nice surprise to see u here tho i am about a year late to your post. i quite agree- dietrich was rather ravishing wasnt she? lovely eyes and cheekbones!

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Looks aren't everything. Sorry, beautiful to look at but the script was terrible. I was so bored I was looking for the gates from King Kong and was disappointed to not find it either.

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