Crosses everywhere

It seems to me the sign of the cross is omnipresent in this movie. Crosses can be seen everywhere as props, parts of sets or in the background: on top of the church, monastery and convent, inside them (in the form of the crucifix found in Domini's former room at the convent, in the Trappist monastery dining-hall, in S. Aubrey Smith's room) and painted on their walls, worn by the priest and by Charles Boyer, standing at the gates of the Trappist monastery and at the entrance to the church, Alan Marshal wears a military cross, and a cross is found even on the liqueur bottles (which appear at least three times). Besides, we see people crossing themselves (Alan Marshal and Charles Boyer). Those are obvious sightings. There are more subtle ones: cross-shaped window frames, door panels (esp. the door of S. Aubrey Smith's room), grids, fences, daggers, candle-lights and shades. I liked most of all the one cast on Charles Boyer after he visits the town church for the last time at the end and talks with Marlene before boarding the train. Overall, I believe the cross appears in this movie more than two dozen times in this or that form. There is little wonder in that (given the characters' background), but I still thought it curious.


Hey, lora --

Just a suggestion -- you might want to mark this message as a spoiler. I was avoiding those messages/threads because I haven't seen the movie yet.

I gather that the plot sort of revolves around faith and how one everyone struggles with it -- even those who claim to have none. It's logical, then, that the presence of God would be indicated in some fashion.

As I said, I haven't seen Garden of Allah yet. I'll be on the lookout for religious symbolism. Thanks for the heads-up, but please change the subject line to indicate a spoiler! Thanks!

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I'm not sure why seeing a lot of crosses would surprise you. Given the theme of the movie, it should be expected. The title may through someone off but once the movie starts it should start to make sense.

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