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Will be shown on TCM on 9/28/2016

Shadow of Doubt (1935) will be shown on TCM tomorrow morning, Wednesday, 28 September 2016, at 1030AM central time.


I really enjoyed this film which I caught by accident after tuning in for what I thought was the Alfred Hitchcock film,'Shadow of a Doubt' . Constance Collier was a delight and stole every scene she was in. They should have given her a murder mystery series like they did Edna May Oliver who played Hildegarde Withers in 3 films.

The truth of life has been revealed.


I got it on the record function of the cable. Good whodunit with an excellent script and great interiors with the usual MGM gang of character people. Constance Collier steals the show but her costars hold their own. Catch it if you can.

You may as well go to perdition in ermine; you're sure to come back in rags. Katharine Hepburn