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Private Worlds - Marvelous film from a Marvelous Book!

Movie girl: I read the book Private Worlds by Phyllis Bottome years ago when I was in my late teens. I was working in a public library and came across the book there.. Since I love to view films made from great books I love it wasn't much longer until I encountered this great film on TV. (My mom had loved it years ago).
I was very impressed by Claudette Colbert and Joan Bennett's performances. Charles Boyer, Joal McCrea and Esther Dale added to an excellent cast. The story cleverly covered dual issues; Mental Illness and Woman's Rights. We even see Joel McCrea's character (happily married to Joan Bennett) coerced into stepping out of line by the head superintendent's (Charles Boyer) sister, (Helen Vinson).

The drama pulls no punches and the resolution of problems was not without its
tragedies. But we do see some resultant happiness as the film builds to its denoument.