Just my Opinion

I enjoy this film immensely, even though my taste in comedy leans far more on ACTORS
doing comedy, rather than strident comics. And, let's face it, as brilliantly sharp as the
Marx Brothers were, actors they were not. And that's fine.

My point is that, for me, they aren't nearly as funny, unless a straight ACTOR is playing off
of them. Comedy, to me, requires an emotional reaction - frustration, irritation, rage...etc.
This is why Margaret Dumont is so funny - and necessary. We need an emotional reaction
to Groucho's incessant one-liners.

On this same point, I find it interesting that I HOWL at the bed scene. But it's the DETECTIVE who is getting my laughs. He is the "meat' of the scene, while the Brothers
are the side dishes. (Frankly, when the scene starts with Harpo making the pancake
sandwiches, I just sit there. But when the detective enters, the scene REALLY begins).