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A Night at the Opera ~ a Marx Classic!

This one's a classic, like most of them...with just one complaint: too much opera, but well worth the comedy.
The scene in the compartment/room on the boat, with that stuffing'; the hotel room scene with the shifting beds, etc.,all superb.
And some classic lines, especially by Groucho {my favourite!}, can't be topped:
"This table's set for 4"...says the detective.
"That's nothing, my alarm clock's set for 8", replies Groucho.
Kitty Carlisle and {especially} Margaret Dumont: EXCELLENT.
And the film's black and white quality?
Anyone who can watch a Marx Brothers movie and not laugh...well you better see a heart specialist!
This one's a 7.5 on my scale...
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I've only seen four Marx Brothers movies, but I've rated them all an 8 or better. And I'm a pretty tough rater!

I just love the entire end sequence. It's inspired me to crash the Oscars some day, dressed as Harpo. I SWEAR I'll do it!

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Why do so many modern people hate opera so much? Old fashioned is not a bad word.