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Winifred Shaw - WHAT A VOICE !

Winifred "Wini" Shaw completely stole this movie on the basis of one musical number, LULLABY OF BROADWAY. I'm not a big fan of most singers of the 1930's, a lot of them have rather eccentric singing styles but Wini has one of the best voices I have ever heard, very unusual and fascinating. I cannot believe she did not become a major recording star much less a major movie star. I am going to try to see as much of her work as possible, it's incredible that Warners did not try to build her into a major star.


Like many people in the movie, Winifred was expert at what she did. But, she didn't have Hollywood's "physical beauty" needed for stardom. Berkeley didn't seem to care much about personal appearance, but only about how well a person could do their job in the movie. That was the mark of a genius director!

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