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Bonnie Scotland region 2 dvd release?

Hi, I have just spotted a region 1 double bill dvd release of Bonnie Scotland and Fra Diavlo. This was released in Nov 2006, I have Fra Diavlo but not Bonnie Scotland on dvd which is a massive hole in my collection. I live in the UK and am hoping for a region release, does anybody know if there is going to be one?


I also live in the UK and hunted everywhere for the DVD. I finally found it on Region 2 but it was from Germany! The text on the cover and disc is in German but the film itself is fine. In fact it’s better than fine. The picture and sound quality is really good and there is some bonus material that I'd never seen before and thought it was really funny. There's also a feature length Audio Commentary on the disc too. There's just one thing that bothers me! Why don't all their films get this treatment!?


Bonnie Scotland is currently available in the UK as an HMV exclusive, and will be released via other retailers in late 2010.

Note that the R1 release of Air Raid Wardens/Nothing But Trouble is actually R0, so should play on any R2 DVD player, as is the case with most Warner back catalogue titles.

As an aside, my local cinema used to show Bonnie Scotland regularly in a double bill with Annie Get Your Gun in the early 1970s.