Rape scene

For as much as this is supposed to be a comedy, it nevertheless manages to bear O'Neill's "gritty" touches of the darker side of Life.

The scene where the old whore gets the young sexually curious guy drunk and then starts making out with him is a perfect example.

At a certain point, it becomes uncomfortable to watch, for however much it's funny (and accurate?).

"Don't call me 'honey', mac."
"Don't call me 'mac'... HONEY!"


The thing is, in the play, there is more than what we see. Belle, who isn't that old, mentions that Edith and Wint are having a great time upstairs while they sit down there like 2 dead ones and a room only costs 2 dollars and tells Richard to go tell the bartender he wants a room. Richard at first thinks to, but then decides not to and when Belle starts to do it he says no. Then Belle gets a little ticked about that because she knows about Richard's money, which he gives to her (that we saw). I think they cut that due to the Hays office.


I don't get it, she coming on to him, but that's her gig. How is she raping him? I saw this movie last night and enjoyed it, but felt the ending left viewers hanging. I'm glad although tipsy, Richard had the good sense to turn the vampy woman down. I was wondering where his college pal was.