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This Film Should NOT be Forgotten

For some reason Constance Bennett is not one of the greats from the Golden Age who gets much attention anymore. As much as I admire commediennes such as Carole Lombard from that period, Bennett's facility with glib dialogue and humor was excellent. Coupled with a still relatively young Clark Gable, and teh always amusing Billie Burke (the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz), the fact that there is only a single comment on this message board is an issue.

I gave it a 9, only becuase one or two scenes drag, and I can't say the entire cast is tops. Some might find Gable's character Branch a bit implausible. But the chemistry between Bennett and Gable is exceptional. Gable is one of my favorite male actors all time, so he's no surprise here. But see this film and you will enjoy it if you like a film aimed at adults and enjoy not only following the murder around which the plot proceeds but the great dialogue. People could really write back in those days.

Ftr I got the dvd from the Warner's collection series, and while it is not perfect, it was quite acceptable. SOund also was very good.


Agree with your post wholeheartedly. Imagine how much better this film would have been pre-code.