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James Cagney vs William Cagney

Man, I was completely taken in by the guy who played the McSwatt role. I always assumed all these years that it was James Cagney, in fact I even tried to look it up in all his IMDb-listed roles and couldn't quite understand why it wasn't there.

It's only today I learn it wasn't Jimmy after all, but his brother William. Talk about look-alikes!


Looks/sounds a lot like him. The reviewer on here also noticed the similarity between the mannerisms of early Durante and Woody Allen - interesting... and also pointed out the censoring that would have happened to this film just a bit later when censoring started - I was surprised at the boob shots and wouldn't have guess that it came out before the board started as I'm not up on film history of the 30s...


I thought Jimmy Cagney looked a little off in this movie. Too tall and lean or something. Plus he didn't seem to have his usual intensity. Then I see on IMDb that it wasn't him after all but his brother. They may look alike, but they don't play alike on film.

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