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Soaps, acting and the overall moral of the story.

I was disappointed by a comment here somewhere about this film being nothing but a soap opera. Sure, the drama is very soap like and old compared to what we have today, but for that day it was anything but!

They didn't have soap operas then like we do now. They had soaps, but content such as this was a serious no-no. That makes this film a landmark! It crossed the one-of-the-first-time lines. That makes it quite remarkable.

Also, don't forget that the overall moral of the story was that good doctors are dedicated to their craft, make great personal sacrifices (in his case, sacrificing love), have difficult tiring days and many times, the outcome of all that work is still death. There is not always job satisfaction, so to speak.

Keep in mind, that is about good passionate doctors, not doctors like you see on Grey's Anatomy.

All in all, with its medical accuracy, it's overreaching theme and set design, I'd say this was a tremendous film. Very impressive!

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