proud of owning a copy of this terrible film? I am, it stinks, but man am I happy to have it. So bad its good people....

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Hi Hollywoodrt123.

I can't say I'm proud, per se, but I think it's worth having just for the funny text (diagnoses) interplanted here and there. I just got my copy yesterday at a dollar store in the mall and am watching it for the second time now.

I think the dollar version must be cut down because I can't see how it can be "considered the first slasher movie ever" (quote from cover may be off a bit) as I haven't seen one slash.


Check on your pet peeve at; mine is the eff-word.


I downloaded an acceptable quality copy from Archive (dot) org - which may be intact.
It does contain gratuitous topless nudity (nipples!).
It also contains the infamous sequence where the Mad Doctor (2nd version) gouges out a cat's eyeball and then eats it.

First slasher film? No. But surprisingly graphic and outrageously surreal exploitation... From a period when "B-Horror" mostly meant dull, repetitive, stagey, melodramas from PRC or Monogram, which were unlikely to ever surprise or amuse, unless the very presence of Bela Lugosi is enough to make your day.

And, yeah, some of those psichiatric intertitles are just so randomly inserted that they are hilariously funny.

Has anyone mentioned the Poe connection? The gouging out of the cat's eye, and the subsequent discovery by police of the murder victim due to the cat being accidently walled up with the body, are elements of Poe's "The Black Cat. Wow. Literary.


I own this movie, and (believe it or not) I Like this film... (But I am a lover of all movies bad or campy!) My gripe is that this copy I have looks like it was edited by Eddie Scissorshands. >:o(

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I just bought this today at Wal-Mart, I had seen it on here and I always wanted to see it, but I never ever thought I'd find it. I bought it for 12 cents. I'm not even kidding. I bet the quality isn't the best, but I get to watch it. I practically got it free...honestly 12 cents...anyway. I am watching it tonight.

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I have it in a 50 movie Horror pack, which I got for about $20 at Borders (also got a 50 movie SciFi pack), what a steal! This movie rocks. Probably the most random, pointless movie I've ever seen. I love the attempts to explain psychoses with the random titles. Although I must admit the clips with the silent movies were really quite cool.

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its not the worst film ever ,, trust me i've seen worse,, i own worse, this isn't it.
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I am a proud owner of the Kino dvd version which also has Esper's Narcotic on it. The supplements include scenes from Maciste in Hell, which is a silent favorite of mine. Also has the censorship records.
It has a well deserved spot in a fairly dust-free corner of my collection.