My 1st B Western

It was the late 80's Walgreen's was selling VHS video tapes of every description, Sherlock Holmes and every early film you can think of, $3.99 each. I bought two: "In Old Santa Fe" and "Wild Horse" (1932). I thought, "what kind of film could they make in 32?" I knew sound came in at the end of the 20's. Great film, Hoot Gibson and Stepin Fetchit. Wow! Terrific! Stepin Fetchit awesome! I knew he had to be brilliant to create character like that. Fooled everybody. Later on Stepin Fetchit removed from a lot of films, "Wild Horse" not important enough to do that. Hoot Gibson, thought I knew the name, film Giant from silent days. Very different. Never wore a six shooter, stuck gun in his belt, boot, back pocket. Different. Special. NOT like the rest. What a life! Wish someone would do Hoot Gibson story someday. Real life, better than fiction. "In Old Santa Fe" greatest B Western ever made! And I know what I'm talking about. These two films opened a world to me. I love the B Cowboys. Side story: (true..) Ken Maynard, drinker and bad man. Accidentally fired loaded revolver into ceiling at Universal studios barracks Hollywood, almost killing Gabby Hayes. Poor Gabby, had it hard. Sidekick to William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy). Boyd very abusive, hard man to work with (thought he was a Star!) almost gunned down by Ken Maynard! Not an easy life, but he ended his career with Roy Rogers and Wild Bill Elliott, two "princely" men. Thank You Ken Maynard and Hoot Gibson for opening the B Cowboy Movie World to me. My life is better because I know you, Buck Jones, Bob Steele, Tom Tyler and all the rest. Sure hate for you to fade away. So much work! Everyone should know and enjoy these films. John