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I love this movie! It's short but sweet.

Who knew where this was going when it started. Even the title made me wonder if it's something I'd like. I'm not much of a gambler so why would I like something called Gambling Lady.

Boy was I wrong I love this movie. I laughed, I cried, I cheered. I suppose it helped that that I love both Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwyck but it's more than that. I also enjoyed the story. It was a lot of fun. I love being able to root for someone or something.

Woman, man! That's the way it should be Tarzan. [Tarzan and his mate]


I watched it precisely for my interest in gambling.

The story outside the gambling aspects were great though, making for a very well done film.

I loved Stanwyck's performance in this film, I thought she did excellent, start to finish, especially during the scene where McCrea's father offers to pay her off not to marry his son. She was great.


I like it very much, too, but I think it could have been longer. Having a big-name (as he was at the time) actor like O'Brien in a relatively small role, then killing him off after he was just in a couple of scenes, seemed too abrupt. His relationship with Stanwyck should have been developed more. The same goes for the relationship between Stanwyck and McCrea. They meet, they're married, and they break up awfully fast, without much development. It all seems too rushed, and then it all suddenly comes to a happy ending. As I said, I like this movie and all of the people in it, but I wish they hadn't been in such a hurry.


The more I think about this film, which I saw last night, the more I like it, in spite of its brevity. One measure of a good movie is that it's never long enough--it leave's us wanting more.