it's certainly different :)

I was expecting the usual tedious role reversals of Depression era movies but this one threw in curves. This is NOT the movie where they all get back home and the butler marries the maid, leaving the hapless rich folk behind them. This is NOT the movie where a pretend poor man gets mixed up with the pushy daughter of dingbat rich people. This is NOT the movie where a middle class man gets mixed up with the zany and a bit sad daughter of overbearing rich people. This is not the movie where.... There were a million of them. There's nothing the rest of us like to see more than a rich person being portrayed as our inferior.

No, this is the movie where they all end up happy as clams at high tide in Polynesia and who can blame them? :) When you think about it, why fight so hard to leave paradise, just to get back to grappling with the Depression? One hopes WWII doesn't reach them there, but that's another story--I think it's called South Pacific. :)

I have to say, on the whole, this island is a lot more attractive to me than Shangri-La. The book Lost Horizon came out the year before this was made. Hmm....