Wheeler + Woolsey Fans Unite!

I must admit I usually cheer for the underdog, and there are so many great comedies of the classic era known as the Golden Age of Hollywood (1930-1970)
that I particularly enjoy those great old-time comedies with those wonderful old-time slapstick comedy teams. Sure, everyone's heard of Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, the Marx Brothers, and the Three Stooges.
But those of us baby boomers who grew up with that little black & white box in the living room called a television in the 1950s will remember when these films were first shown on TV. Along with Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang aka: The Little Rascals, and the Three Stooges, we also got treated to lots of old-time comedy from masters like Charley Chase, Joe McDoakes (who?) and the hilarious comic antics of zany comedy teams like Smith & Dale, Wheeler & Woolsey, the Ritz Brothers, and Olsen & Johnson!

This movie is one of my personal favorites by Wheeler & Woolsey, and having seen a number of their films, I believe this one is one of their best ever!

Come on, Wheeler & Woolsey Fans, Unite! Let's demand AOL-TW, which owns the back catalog of RKO Radio Pictures, begin releasing decent cleaned-up, restored versions of their 1930s classics on VHS Video and DVD.



I agree! Warner Brothers just launched their Warner Archive site, and I see a lot of potential for W & W films to be part of that catalog. "Rio Rita" has already been released through it, so if you haven't picked that one up go to warnerarchive.com.