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Great but Little Known Film

I got this DVD from the Warner's series, and first off I was disappointed it is in need of restoration. But it is a film I was interested in, having known about the series of films Crawford and Gable did together, apparently during a period when they were having a torrid real life affair. Sometimes that actual chemistry does not make it to the screen, but in this film, it is extremely evident, and vicariously amounts to a great pleasure in watching. The plot is almost beside the point, but not really as it feeds into the arc of a great love affair between the two leads.

Gable here is already the self assured leading man that would get him the much desired part on Gone with the Wind a few years later. I suppose some might say he usually plays more or less the same character, but that's not really a fair statement. His character here has complexity, but concededly it is his frankly torrid scenes with Crawford that make for a great performance.

Crawford herself is here in her relatively earlier period, when imo she was still absolutely beautiful, and as noted giving a very convincing performance in her role as Gable's lover. Stunning and awesome.

The supporting cast is also very good. I can't really understand the lack of comments here or the low rating. I gave it a full ten, despite the technical problems.