Modern and riveting

There were little things in this film that gave it a modern feeling - despite the costumes and the mannerisms of the 30s.

The party in the beginning of the film - had couples doing things that people do at parties today, when they are young.

The girl who 'cannonballs' into the pool - for laughs. This would be a gag in a modern comedy today.

The incredible sexiness of Cary Grant as he pulls his sweetheart into him for a long, lingering kiss. This guy had the moves!

The district attorney's sheer evil presence. I don't know - it's a tie who looked better in a suit, him or Grant.

The female lead was like a svelte kewpie doll. But man, that kewpie doll can act!

This was a wonderful old film. Well worth seeing along with any other Grant movie. I loved the ending - it is clever. It is sheer genius. As much as the writers (those famous talented ten writers) constructed a story that seemed flimsy sometimes with its legal implications, Grant's action was very well designed. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.



Also, it was great seeing the bad guy get his.