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Marie Dressler at her best?

I've mostly seen this wonderful performer in comic roles (such as in "Dinner At Eight") but fell in love with her somewhat more serious side through this old gem. Not that she isn't very funny here, as well, but there is a great deal of pathos in her neverending effort to keep the worthless but beloved husband and father of her child from wrecking the life she has built for them, and her dreams of something more for her son.
Does anyone have a favorite line or moment from this film, or her career, that they would like to share here for those of us who are just getting to know this cinema queen who spanned the era from silents to talkies? Thanks.

"There are three sides to every story: yours, mine, and the truth." ~ Robert Evans


Dressler was Canadian, and she died not long after this film.

Pity, since she was in her 'prime' in her latter years.


Speaking of her husband, "I got to see what he's doing, and tell him not to.".