Tillie and Gus on DVD

(2015) As many may already know, Tillie and Gus IS available on DVD. I recently purchased "W.C. Fields Comedy Essentials Collection - 18 Classic Films" locally, but it's also available from Movies Unlimited (and likely Amazon) - see http://www.moviesunlimited.com/wc-fields-comedy-essentials-collection/025192318870 This collection is an essential purchase for anyone who enjoys the Master!


I have the WC Fields Movie Collection; "17 Classic Movies" which I bought from ebay. I'm just over half way through & absolutely loving them.

I bought it for The Bank Dick as that film was on Barry Norman's original Top 100 films & I have a few film lists as targets to work through. I got the WC Fields collection for a bargain price & it's proving to be a brilliant investment.

Tillie & Gus isn't the best of them but they are all a complete joy.