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Film remade 6 short yrs later in 1939

Today TCM showed this film & 'Three Sons' (1939) (which is almost a word-for-word remake) back to back. I was wondering why such a short time lapse before doing it again? I can barely find info on either film. William Gargan was in both films playing the oldest son in this film & the uncle in 'Three Sons'.



many "early talkies" (mainly 1929-1933?) were remade within a decade, just as the "early talkies" were remakes of the "great silents" from the decade before (often with the same director, etc.).

hollywood lacks no experience in regurgitation, and the original typically wins-out (except great films like "the maltese falcon"). and they're still doing it today.

when it comes time to reboot "citizen kane" we're in trouble.


It's a late reply but thanks for that info. TCM showed 'Three Sons' (1939) again today and that's what brought me here. They also showed 2 others films that showcased the actor playing the father ,Edward Ellis. The best one ,'A Man to Remember' (1938) was a main role for him rather than character actor. He deserved an Oscar for it,in my opinion.

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