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Same Dress Different Movie

I noticed while watching the Merry Wives of Reno (1934) that Glenda Farrell's character, near the end of the movie, is wearing the exact same dress as Thelma Todd's character wears near the end of this movie. Both movies share the same dress designer. Todd wears the dress mostly unbuttoned (like she never had the chance to finish dressing) and tied in the front while Farrell wears hers buttoned up as is should be and tied in the back. It appears to be red or a similar color (definitely not black), is past the floor and drags, has large sleeves that grow larger and bulbous towards the wrists yet are gathered there, has lots of buttons down the back and ties at the waist. The dress, I think, looks much better on Todd than Farrell.

Has anyone noticed this sharing of the dress. Has anyone else noticed this sort of thing in any other movies from the silver screen era?

(posted this also in the boards for the MWoR)